Regarding My Blog Title….

This is a quick little post for those of you who may be wondering about the name of my blog. “The Nocturnal Laundress”.  This is a name I gave myself during a particularly long night of insomnia, months ago, where I found myself doing laundry…all night long.  I figured, well, I can’t sleep, I might as well get something accomplished.  Thus, the name.  I will get into the subject of my chronic  insomnia at a later date.  Because I’m sure I’ll have lots of time in the wee hours of the morning to delve into it, no doubt about that.


About teeks55

I'm a sleep deprived antique dealer with fibromyalgia, RA, diabetes & more. Love hubby, cats, books & humor! Avid tea drinker. Poker player. Pain fighter.
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