“A New Leaf ~ Boomers Come Full Circle On Pot Legalization”

This is an excerpt from an article I found in the June/July 2013 issue of AARP Magazine. Thought it was interesting. Our state of Illinois just recently passed a law legalizing medical marijuana, but it is very restrictive. I am open-minded enough to welcome medical marijuana as a viable alternative treatment for chronic pain. I have heard too many stories of truly remarkable improvement in people’s pain and other chronic illnesses to simply dismiss it due to the stigma. I have not tried it for my pain yet, but if they lift some of the restrictions and make it a little easier to get, I would certainly give it a try. I’d try anything once.  🙂


“We were for it before we were against it.”

‘In 1978, 47 percent of people born between 1946 and 1964 favored legalizing marijuana. But support plummeted as the boomer generation aged, reaching a low of 17 percent in 1990. Now boomers have reconsidered – again. A new Pew Research Center poll finds that half think pot should be legal. (Nationally that support has reached 52 percent, the first time in four decades that a majority of Americans favor decriminalization.) Why the change of heart? The widespread acceptance of medical marijuana may be one factor: 77 percent of those ages 50 – 64 agree that marijuana has legitimate medical uses.”

~ from June/July 2013 issue of AARP Magazine


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One Response to “A New Leaf ~ Boomers Come Full Circle On Pot Legalization”

  1. tlohuis says:

    I sure wish they would legalize it here, in Kansas. One time, someone gave me a little and insisted that I try it for the chronic pain, to increase my appetite since I can hardly eat anything with the gastroparesis, and to help me sleep. Let’s just say it worked wonders for all three. I could probably get off all these medications I’m currently on, if it did become legalized. I’m too scared to do it otherwise, for fear of getting into trouble with the law. Don’t need that. I’ve got enough problems without that. I just hope they hurry up and get to it while I’m still here.:)

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