Sting ~ Fragile

Ethereal, beautiful song…..


About teeks55

I'm a sleep deprived antique dealer with fibromyalgia, RA, diabetes & more. Love hubby, cats, books & humor! Avid tea drinker. Poker player. Pain fighter.
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8 Responses to Sting ~ Fragile

  1. dawnhosking says:

    Like it 😉

  2. tlohuis says:

    Damn it, Julie. I stopped doing what I was doing to listen to your song and now you made me lose my pen. My pretty pink pen. I gotta get this homework done before my appointment at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.
    Nice song. I like it.
    Wild Thang 🙂

    • teeks55 says:

      Did you find your pen? LOL

      • tlohuis says:

        Yes, I found my damn pretty pink pen and now you’re gonna get a kick out of this, I found it down my shirt. I had accepted the fact that it was just gone. Vanished into thin air. Then I was just laying here typing away and I looked down cause I kinda felt something and I thought what the hell is that? I could tell by the shape of it that it was my damn pen. LOL How the hell it got down my shirt I have no clue.
        Wild Thang 🙂

      • teeks55 says:

        LOL the old pen down the shirt trick. Well I’m glad you found it. Now I can relax. LOL 🙂

      • tlohuis says:

        Yes, mam, you can now get your relax on, if you know how to do that. I have no idea how to relax, that’s how us Wild Thangs are. I’m supposed to be trying to sleep because I’m just supposed to be doing that with this insomnia crap and do what the doctor told me to do. I took my drugs, but I cannot help it that I’m still awake, it might help if I could shut this computer off and lay my head down on my pillow and close my eyes. I did shut it down for a bit because I had to do my homework in my workbook for my appointment bright and squirrely appointment in the morning. She always makes me have the earliest appointment to get my ass up out of this bed is her reasoning. I have to get up in 6 hours. Sigh……………………………. Wild Thang is over here sighing. Did you know you’re not supposed to run around or in our case lay around sighing? That’s what theses experts tell me. Hell, I better try to turn this damn thing back off and close these eyes and see what happens. see if this increase in my dosage is going to get me some shut eye. Looks like you’re waiting to hear those damn birds chirping and the sun to come up. If I wait and fall asleep like 1 or 2 hours before my 2 alarm clocks are supposed to go off, I won’t even hear them when they do and I’ll miss my appointment and be in trouble. Wild Thang doesn’t need any more trouble than she’s already got. so, Julie, good night. Get that book read before the sun comes up.
        Peace Out friend,
        Wild Thang
        be back on tomorrow, don’t you worry 🙂

      • teeks55 says:

        Sleep well, sweet girl. Glad you found your pen. Shut off this damn computer and close your eyes. Dream of warm, sandy beaches and palm trees….. of sea gulls and salt water waves…. relax and fall into oblivion for a few hours. My wish for you. I took a 3 hour nap earlier so I wll probably be up all night again. Oh well. I’ll take it when I can get it. HUGS xoxoxo zzzzzzzzzzzz

      • tlohuis says:

        Yes, mam, right this minute Wild Thang is shutting the computer down, one more time. I have to attempt to catch some of those zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s you threw out there to me. I only have 5 1/2 till I have to get up for my appointment. Shit sakes. I’m done now. Good night my dear little partner in crime,
        Wild Thang 🙂

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