Prednisone, Feet, and Chronic versus Acute Pain

Well, I saw a new doc a couple days ago and he put me on prednisone for my severely inflamed feet. He confirmed that he believed it is a bad case of plantar fasciitis (10 year duration) that has worked it’s way from the heels all the way through the soles of my feet, into the metatarsal area, and into my toe joints. I have been in an extreme flare up, hobbling for over 2 weeks, using a cane, barely unable to put weight on the feet to walk and so far no improvement. Until I started the prednisone he prescribed me.

Within 24 hours I saw improvement. Today is day 3 and I can walk without the cane, and even though I am still having pain, it is much less.  Image This stuff is nothing short of a miracle. I want a lifetime supply. I want buckets of it. I want to never run out. Except for one thing…..he only gave me enough for 6 days.

Now I don’t know if this guy understands how bad my feet have been for the past 10 years. My own ignorance got me to this place, I admit it. I continued to push myself beyond all the pain signals I was receiving from my feet over the years, and I was on them a lot….but sincerely, after I got my fibromyalgia diagnosis 30+ years ago, somehow my brain just figured all my pain was fibro-related and so I just didn’t worry about it, didn’t consider I might be doing actual damage to my feet. I had always been told, fibro hurts but it won’t do any damage to your body. Don’t worry, it won’t cause any degeneration or deterioration. So, in my head, after that being drilled into me over and over, I just assumed my foot pain was just fibro…..and I assumed wrong.

Anyway…..about that prednisone. Wow. This stuff is amazing. Ninja anti-inflammatory. Makes naproxen look like a skittle. No comparison. It really, really works. But like I said, only 6 day supply. It’s like giving a starving person one bite of a sandwich. Like giving a dehydrated person one sip of water. I don’t know if it will be enough to kick this inflammation down after only 6 days. So I guess I will just have to take it, then run out and if my pain comes back I will call him again. And beg.

So anyway…..for all those out there who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Let this be a lesson. NOT ALL PAIN IS NECESSARILY FIBROMYALGIA RELATED. If you start having pain in your feet and you are a very active person, please have it checked out. You don’t want to take any chances with your feet. You need your feet. If your feet start to hurt bad, listen to your body and don’t keep pushing. If I had realized what was happening when this first started, I would not be having this issue right now. It has become chronic and extremely severe. Image  When it first started it was acute. It could have been rectified by me just taking it easy for a few weeks. Now I am nearly disabled and have totally trashed my feet. I have nerve damage and can only walk short distances before I have to use a wheelchair or a scooter. Some days are better than others. I can sometimes walk for longer distances upon occasion. But for the most part, my time up on my feet is extremely limited.

So remember the difference between acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain can become chronic if you don’t take care of it. Always Always Always… if you have new pain, especially foot pain, get it checked out by your doctor. Have ice packs on hand in your freezer. Slow down and rest your body when you need to.

It’s a lesson I am still trying to learn because I am a Type A personality. Type A’s don’t like to sit and rest. They like to work, and go, and do. They find it extremely hard to slow down and put their feet up and relax. There is always something to do, somewhere to go. But when you get slammed down by pain, if you continue pushing and find yourself completely disabled by severe pain, you will have lost your choice. And that is a truly horrendous place to find yourself. If you think taking a few days off and resting is hard, try every single day for the rest of your life. Being a Type A, and being disabled is an absolute hellish existence. So do yourself a favor….when you feel the pain, listen. Stop. Rest. Do it. Or you will face consequences down the road, I promise.


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10 Responses to Prednisone, Feet, and Chronic versus Acute Pain

  1. tlohuis says:

    You are so correct. It is very difficult for us type A personalities to be still and relax. Relax? What’s that? You’ll soon find out if you don’t listen to your body.

  2. teeks55 says:

    You are so right. Pain will not let us win, ever. Maybe for awhile….but it will catch you and SLAM YOU DOWN eventually. Listen to your body. Pay attention. It usually gives you plenty of warning. If you don’t pay heed, it will yell louder. Until it screams in your face. If you still don’t listen, it will sucker punch you until you drop. Which is what happened to me 2 weeks ago. I’m not the brightest bulb in the box. LOL

  3. Trisha says:

    I’m glad you’ve found some relief in the Prednisone. I hope you can get more. I had plantar fascitis (can’t remember how to spell it) for two long years when I was in my 20’s. It was miserable (and sounds like it was nothing compared to yours). I finally got cortisone shots in my heels and that took care of it immediately and for good. It’s crazy how long it takes to get the proper treatment some times. I hope you get your permanent cure soon. Foot pain is so tiring and miserable.

    • teeks55 says:

      Thanks Trisha for the comment. I started out with it in my heels a long time ago. The injections did help for awhile. But I just kept pushing and ended up to this place I find myself in. It sucks. I should have taken the time to get it under control when I had the chance. Now the damage has been done and I fear it’s irreversible. Very depressing to be stuck on the couch when everything inside me wants to be active and move and live. I appreciate you reading my blog and also for the comments. 🙂

      • Trisha says:

        I hope you can find some relief. Have you tried some Epsom salt foot baths with some essential oils? I planned to try this a few weeks ago when my feet were hurting but I was too lazy to go out and find a tub for feet soaking. Everything becomes too much when your feet are hurting. 😦

      • teeks55 says:

        Hi Trisha, that is a great idea about the epsom salts and essential oils. What oils do you recommend for inflammation? I know nothing about them. Please advise. Thanks!!

      • Trisha says:

        German chamomile and Lavender would be good choices, although German Chamomile is expensive. doTERRA has a blend called Deep Blue that helps with inflammation and it is pain relieving. Personally, I think doTERRA dilutes their oils but I’ve found their Deep Blue blend to be very effective anyway. Here is a link to my friend Bernadette’s site if you’re interested in Deep Blue. Click on “shop for products” then “oil blends” Like everything of doTERRA’s it is pricey – $42 for a 5ml bottle but I will continue to buy it until I find another blend that is as effective. I’ve also been using a blend of Lavender and Majoram on my sore, achy spots at night and I notice when I do I wake up with less stiffness the next morning. I think I’ll do a post on analgesic essential oils soon! I have been experimenting with them quite a bit lately. If you do get some oils you can email me for advice on how to use them. My email is My feet are aching in sympathy for yours! I hope you find something that brings some relief soon.

      • teeks55 says:

        Thanks so much Trisha! I will check out the website soon. I will try anything at least once. I appreciate the support, and also thanks for sharing the link and your email. xoxo

  4. dawnhosking says:

    Thanks for that – my GP advised similar 😉

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