Tammy, Put Away The BB Gun!!

Just an update on the “absentee contractor” from yesterday. If you read my previous post titled “The Broken Appointment” you will see that a guy was supposed to come see about a flooring issue I had some concerns about and he blew off the appointment. I had to call him 2 hours later only to find out he was “hung up on a previous job” and wasn’t coming. I managed to keep my cool (very unusual for this hot tempered Nocturnal Laundress….) and rescheduled for him to come today.

Tammy, if you are reading this, you can put away the BB gun. LOL  He came today, 15 minutes early from our scheduled time, apologizing profusely. He was very nice, extremely polite and professional, and we discussed the problem.  Image He went to the basement and examined the area in question (we have a saggy floor in our kitchen entry I wanted him to check for structural integrity before we lay the new vinyl flooring being put down next week). He came up, explained to me what was going on, assured me that it was not something major or of any imminent danger of collapse (relief) and gave me a very reasonable price to come later and put some reinforcement in the area of question to bolster it up. He assured me that it would be perfectly okay to go ahead with the new flooring, it would not be a problem.

Before he left, he admired the house (we live in an old home) and also he admired the antiques that he saw. I explained that I have been an antique dealer for 17 years and that I have collected alot of stuff over the years. He asked about some of my pieces, especially a circa 1840 2 piece painted cupboard that he liked. It was a nice visit and my anger at him for standing me up yesterday eased up and flew away.

He told me to call anytime if I would like to set up a date for him to come and do the work. We shook hands and parted in good spirits. I have forgiven him for his lapse of judgement yesterday when he did not call to explain that he would be unable to make the appointment. He made up for it. He apologized. And he was sincere. That’s good enough for me.

So…..Tammy…..put away the BB gun.  🙂  All is well.


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I'm a sleep deprived antique dealer with fibromyalgia, RA, diabetes & more. Love hubby, cats, books & humor! Avid tea drinker. Poker player. Pain fighter.
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6 Responses to Tammy, Put Away The BB Gun!!

  1. Michelle says:

    congrats on your leibster award! perhaps tammy should stand by with the bb gun while he is performing the work so there isn’t any funny business! 😉

  2. tlohuis says:

    I’m sure glad he decided to show up today and you were pleased with his services. Thank God. We should both have a decent BP reading today. Don’t worry about the bb gun. LOL My son will make sure it never falls into my hands, again. I promised him I wouldn’t do it the second time and broke my promise and did it, again. I just couldn’t help it. I had the bb gun, there was a target, and well, there was fat bastard’s house. You know which one I chose. My shooting days are over. I liked Michelle’s comment. She had the right idea. I still have those 3 awards I need to get posted on my side bar and do all that other stuff you gotta do along with it, I just do not know how to do any of it. My friend, whom I call Dr. Shaun, thinks he can tell me over skype in a matter of minutes. I tried to explain to him who he is dealing with and told him I sure as hell hope he has a lot of patience because you start talking all this Rss, CSS, widgets, templates, just forget it! But, as soon as I have the energy I’ll call him up on Skype and we’ll see what he can do to help me. I’ve actually had several people offer to help me. It’s so overwhelming. Maybe I’ll get some rest tonight and give it a whirl tomorrow and then maybe I won’t, but I need to get on it.
    Lady, I sure hope you are feeling somewhat better today after all that shit that “so called nice guy put you through yesterday.” I think it affected me more than it did you. LOL We at least had a good laugh, which I really needed. I’ll talk to you soon. Love ya, and you better be right back on that couch.
    HUGS my friend,
    Tammy 🙂

    • teeks55 says:

      Yep I am relieved that it all worked out. He was very nice and he has a good reputation, so I will allow him one mistake. When I hire him to fix this problem some day, he will need to show up on time and be a good boy and I will not unleash the wrath of the Nocturnal Laundress upon him….I am to be feared. LOL No really, he was very apologetic and sincere, so all is forgiven. Yes ma’am, I am getting on the couch shortly. I had a few things that had me on my feet a little bit today and man they are so tender and still incredibly painful even with the prednisone. I have 3 days left on that, and I will continue with the naproxen afterwards….but one naproxen a day is not enough. I don’t know if anything would be enough to douse the flames. But it doesn’t matter since they all raise my BP….can’t take ’em. So I will just lay around on this couch and read, play online poker, and blog a bit. Have a good weekend, wild thang. Luv & Hugs xoxo

      • tlohuis says:

        My husband is driving me to drinking. If he keeps it up, I’m going to march right over there to my closet and get out my vodka and Aftershock, now that will take the pain away for sure, at least until tomorrow, then I can have all my usual shit and a hang over at the same time. Doesn’t that sound like fun? So, he better just stifle himself, or else…………………..Just sayin Luv U girl from one wild thang to another. Probably a good thing we don’t live close enough to sit on the porch and drink cocktails. That could get us into a lot of trouble, I’m afraid and I’ve never been to jail and I sure as hell don’t want to start now. I’m scared of jail. Guess I better start doing what my therapist told me then, right? Stop, think, don’t do it Tammy! I hate that, having to think before I act. Have a good weekend and I better not hear about you up off that couch running around. Now, I just met you recently and you better not up and croak on me. I’ll try to behave myself, but that’s all I can promise is that I’ll try.:)

  3. dawnhosking says:

    Great stuff 😉

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