Brain Activity Shifts as Pain Becomes Chronic

Chronic pain vs. acute pain ~ Proof that pain changes the function and response of the brain.

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Brain Activity Shifts as Pain Becomes Chronic

Lower back pain signals move from nociceptive regions to areas involved with emotional aspects of pain

The finding of a shift in central nervous system activity in patients moving from acute to chronic pain indicates that there is not just one signature for pain in the brain and could provide new avenues for diagnosis and treatment.

In the current study, the team compared brain signatures between subacute back pain patients, including those who recovered and those whose pain persisted over the course of a year, with chronic back pain patients who have experienced back pain for more than a decade

“[Brain activity] has moved away from sensory representation areas in general to more areas that relate to emotion” in patients with chronic pain, said Apkarian. Brain signatures of pain became more emotional in nature, although, Apkarian stressed, the description by the patients…

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