Fibromyalgia Pain III: Study Suggests Muscles Are ‘Wired and Tired’

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A Workout Without Working (Much): Fibromyalgia Study Suggests Muscles Are ‘Wired and Tired’ As Well: Implications for ME/CFS

(Last in a series of three posts on recent developments in our understanding of Fibromyalgia pain from Cort Johnson’s Health Rising.)

Feel like you just ran a mile after walking a block? Do your muscles feel tight and contracted? How’s your flexibility and coordination?

We recently saw a study which suggested that something as simple as mental stress tests (math test) or eating or other sympathetic nervous system activators can activate the back muscles of people with fibromyalgia. That study suggested FM patients muscles could be in state of almost continual activation.

the electrical signals in their muscles were, oddly enough, going banana’s, putting them were into a hyper-active state.

the inability to turn their muscle activity off and allow them to rest – suggested their muscles were chronically tensed, not…

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