Cannabis legalization: few problems so far

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Few Problems With Cannabis for California –

California’s experience shows that semi-legalizing marijuana isn’t the cataclysmic disaster the “War on Drugs” soldiers and supporters predicted:

California’s 17-year experience as the first state to legalize medical marijuana offers surprising lessons, experts say.

Warnings voiced against partial legalization — of civic disorder, increased lawlessness and a drastic rise in other drug use — have proved unfounded.

Instead, research suggests both that marijuana has become an alcohol substitute for younger people here and in other states that have legalized medical marijuana, and that while driving under the influence of any intoxicant is dangerous, driving after smoking marijuana is less dangerous than after drinking alcohol.

Imposing a local tax on medical marijuana, as Oakland, San Jose and other communities have done, has not pushed consumers to drug dealers as some analysts expected. Presumably that is because it is so easy to get reliable…

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5 Responses to Cannabis legalization: few problems so far

  1. Trisha says:

    I am happy to hear this! Here in Washington we’ve legalized marijuana but, in the process of getting the stores up and running, they’ve talked about doing away with the medical marijuana dispensaries. This had me a little nervous about some idiots ruining legalization for everyone and medical marijuana patients being back to square one. This article makes me feel hopeful that there won’t be as many problems as I feared. I believe marijuana could help many, many people and that it’s time to get over the misconceptions about it.

    • teeks55 says:

      Trisha, after years and years of waiting, our state of Illinois finally legalized the medical marijuana law but we are among the highest restrictive law in the country. I would not qualifty to get it. Only those with cancer, etc. Not people like me with what they consider to be “garden variety” “minor” aches and pains. (lol) So until they change that, it may as well still be illegal for me. They’ll probably lift the restrictions a day after I die. LOL I would love to try it. But I want to do it legally. May be a long wait.

      • Trisha says:

        Hopefully the states that are now legalizing it will start to dispel the myths about how bad it is and everyone will start to relax the restrictions on it. I am going to try it once our stores are up and running. I’ll post about my experiments!

      • teeks55 says:

        That would be great Trisha!! I look forward to hearing about your experience with it. I totally agree with you. It’s time the stigma was dispelled and it’s time it was recognized as a potentially huge help to those of us with chronic illness and pain.

  2. dawnhosking says:

    This is interesting.

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