Pain is Personal

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The Empowered Pain Patient and Validated Pain Management

Living with chronic pain is a personal experience. So personal that the only person experiencing it knows the pain is there.

Dr. Kristiansen’s simple statement is what makes pain so problematic for patients and doctors both: pain leaves no evidence.  Without detectable evidence of something, it’s hard (especially for a scientific mind)  to believe it really exists.

Pain is pure sensation and, while it sends many body systems into distress, the pain sensation itself has no consequences – it is just an elusive signal between the body and brain,.

The pain cannot be seen by anyone else, and many persons living with chronic pain often feel they are met by disbelief and have a need to get the pain acknowledged and validated. Validated by their family, friends, colleagues, and indeed healthcare professionals.

This validation alone means so much for many persons…

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I'm a spoiled rotten wife. Reader. Crazy cat lady. Aging bohemian hippie. Poker player. Pain fighter. Dealing with Fibro, RA, Diabetes & more.
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  1. dawnhosking says:

    Thanks for sharing 😉

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