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Choose Peace


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New Pain & The Depression It Brings….

After you’ve lived with chronic pain for many years, it’s hard to keep your spirits up. Hard to cope. Hard to deal with living in a private prison where no one really knows what you are going through. But what’s … Continue reading

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November 30, 2013

Sometimes the weariness from the pain is so great that all I can do is lay and close my eyes and pray for sleep to come and take me away to a place where I can find respite and escape … Continue reading

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Aging & Dealing With Worsening Chronic Pain

It seems to me that my desire to write comes when my pain is at it’s worst.  When I am feeling better, I don’t want to sit and write, I want to get up and live my life.  So even … Continue reading

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  I love my solitude. What’s more, I need it. Like I need air. I think that’s why I love the night so much. It’s so quiet and still. Nothing happening. I can literally feel the silence, and it nourishes … Continue reading

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The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I would like to thank my friend and fellow blogger, Dawn Hosking, for bestowing the honor of this award upon me. It is just the boost I needed to get back into writing again. I was absent for a few … Continue reading

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Blessed Are….

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