Thank You, Jumping_Jenny_444, For This Award Nomination!!

I would like to thank my fellow blogger, Jumping_Jenny_444 for this nomination for Most Influential Blogger! This means so much to me! If you have never visited Jenny’s blog, please do! You can find her blog HERE.


So, here are the “Most Influential Blogger Award” rules…

1. Display the Award on your Blog.
2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.
3. Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award.
4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded with a comment.
5. Answer each of the 11 questions that your awarder asked, and then write 11 for your awardees (or use the same ones up to you !)

The Questions!!

1)  What makes you happiest?  Good music, a good book, my cats, my husband.

2) Do you love the Oceans or Mountains more?   Oceans.

3) What has been a special moment in 2013?   We finally got a new kitchen floor after waiting over 25 years.

4) What’s your favourite quote?   “Never Give Up”

5) Do you like yourself?   To be perfectly honest, I do not like what 30 years of chronic pain has done to me, emotionally, mentally, physically. I care about myself. I defend myself. There are some things I do not like about myself though. Pain changes people. And it has certainly done a number on me.

6) Do you stay up till midnight on New Year?   Midnight is early for me. I stay up till dawn sometimes. Not just on New Year’s eve.  (insomnia) 

7) Something you wish could be done ASAP?   Get our small bathroom completely renovated and new floor before winter.

8) What was your favourite class when still at school?   Creative writing class in junior high. Best teacher ever there. She really encouraged me to express myself through writing.

9) What musical instrument have you tried to play?   I played flute for awhile when I was a kid.

10) Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?   To save more money for retirement.

11) Do you like to do Crafts, Drawing or Painting?    I consider the photos I take for my online antique selling venue sort of an art form. I try to take the best photos I can for each item. If you’d like to see my shop, go to: I have over 200 items in my shop right now.

I have recently nominated 11 other blogs for this identical award so I will just list their names once again, and will add one special blog to the top of the list (my nominator!!).  Please visit these great blogs! Thanks so much!

My Fibrotastic Life



EDS Info (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)

Painfully Aware

Just Another F-Bomb

Lisanne’s Fibro Blog

Can Bryan Write?

Notes From The Fog

The Silver Lining of Chronic Illness


Fibro…Dealing and Coping Through Laughter and Tears

Thank you again for this honor, Jenny! I appreciate it! 🙂


About teeks55

I'm a sleep deprived antique dealer with fibromyalgia, RA, diabetes & more. Love hubby, cats, books & humor! Avid tea drinker. Poker player. Pain fighter.
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4 Responses to Thank You, Jumping_Jenny_444, For This Award Nomination!!

  1. Jumping_Jenny_444 says:

    You’re very welcome and congrats again on your award! I enjoyed creative writing as well when I was in school!

  2. Congrats and thanks for the nomination!

  3. Chess says:

    Congratulations !!!!!

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