Illness in the Media

This is so true!!! If you have chronic illness of any kind, you will understand this. Thank you, Zyp, for this!!

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

The image of illness in the media  by Jessie Gruman, PhD  from

Have you noticed that most sick characters on TV shows look pretty good and are coherent – often feistyeven when they are in the hospital?

Have you caught the number of ads for drugs and health plans showing happy, vigorous people that dominate the major consumer health websites and are common on TV?

I rarely see anyone who actually looks sick online, in print or on TV.

This is another aspect of how the media distorts our experience of chronic pain and illness.  Showing only obviously healthy people acting the parts of “being sick” has the same effect as showing only young, skinny, photo-shopped girls and women in ads.  It gives the impression that your body should look perfectly healthy and fit and, if it’s not, it’s your responsibility to fix it or…

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  1. dawnhosking says:

    I’ll got take a look, thanks 😉

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