All The Ingredients Are Necessary…


So many of us use too many lemons in our lemonade…so many, that our lemonade really sucks. Most of us have just accumulated so many lemons over time, that before we know it, our lemonade is sour and well, it just really sucks. Makes us pucker. Sour and unpalatable. But we just keep putting more and more lemons in, without realizing that the other ingredients have to be added too, if we are to have a decent pitcher of lemonade.

You probably know where I’m going with this.

In my life, I tend to focus more on the lemons. I have accumulated a truck load of lemons over the course of a lifetime. There have been so many lemons for such a long time…and not a whole lot of water, and sure as hell not a lot of sugar. Thus, my lemonade is really nasty.

When I saw this picture of Grumpy cat talking about lemonade….it hit me. My lemonade is way out of balance. Yes, I’ve had more than my share of lemons dumped on me in this lifetime. Yes, I have been experiencing a drought in my life, especially over the last 34 years or so. And yes….the sugar seems to have been in very short supply.

But then again….if I hunt around in my pantry, I can sometimes find that forgotten bag of sugar, behind all the vinegar and seasonings. And then I turn around and lo and behold, there is the kitchen faucet…all I have to do for water is turn the handle. It takes a bit of effort to do these things but hey….they have been there all along.

So what am I getting at? I think you know.

Those of us who live with daily chronic illness and pain, or really any big, negative, life-altering issue…. can sometimes only see and taste the lemons. The sour, awful, nasty lemons that make our lives very difficult to swallow. The lemons that seem to overwhelm us and make our lives so incredibly sour and unpalatable. It’s hard to see or taste anything but lemons much of the time.

But if we look around…do a little hunting….we may discover that the other ingredients for making a pleasant pitcher of lemonade are within reach. The water is there, all we have to do is have the pitcher ready and we just turn on the spigot. Viola! Fresh, clear water to dilute those sour lemons. And there, behind all those other things in your pantry, is a forgotten bag of sugar. lemonade2

If we measure out just enough sugar…and mix it with the water and the lemons….we can actually turn our sour, miserable, painful life…into something a little sweeter. More palatable. Even good. Or better yet, something to enjoy.

Sometimes it takes effort. If we haven’t stocked any sugar in our pantry for a long time, we might need to make a trip to the store. We may have to search the aisles for sugar. We might have even forgotten what it is, what it tastes like, and where it’s located. But if we can find a little sugar for our lemonade, it will make all that effort worthwhile.

So it is with our lives. If we haven’t felt joy, or happiness for a very long time….we may not see the sugar. We may not even know where to begin to look. We may not recognize the good stuff. But sometimes if we hunt for it, if we look for it….we can find some sugar. It may come in different forms. But it’s there. We just have to recognize it.

And the water. Many of us have grown so dry over the years. Dry from the terrible drought that has brought on more pain, more anger, more frustration. More lack of spontaneity. Fun. Joy. Maybe even to the point where you wonder why you are even here. A dryness of the spirit. But many times we forget…the water is right there. All we have to do is remember how to turn on the spigot. And all the water we could ever want comes pouring out. Life giving water….so we can make a super delicious blend of water, sugar and lemons all together. Each ingredient important in their own way. Each one making something wonderful for us to enjoy. To enrich our lives.

But you say….wait a minute. How can the lemons enrich my life. How can they make my life something to enjoy. Lemons suck. Literally suck. And they make life suck.

But sometimes, its all in how you look at it. I know at first glance, lemons can seem as though they have no real purpose in your life, other than to make you miserable. And if you see it that way, then that is how you see it. And nothing will change. But if you recognize that lemons do actually have a purpose, wait…even several purposes….you will start to see them as a way to enhance your life. Not to say that lemons (or pain) can enhance your life, per se….but mixed together with other things, they can bring a new, fresh way of looking at life in general. For instance, they can make you more compassionate. They can make you appreciate the good things more. And so on. Like I said, it’s all in how you look at it.

Three simple ingredients. We know we have the lemons. We always seem to have plenty of lemons available. But the water and the sugar…we just need to acquire them each day…seek them… and mix them with the lemons. Before you know it, things will taste sweeter. Life will feel not so sour. So difficult to swallow. When we find the sweet things in life, even if we have to really search for them, our lemonade will not be sour, but refreshingly sweet, tangy and delicious. The clean, clear, refreshing water will mix it all together. And we’ll have what we need to get through this life so it doesn’t suck so bad, as Grumpy cat says.

Drink up. 🙂   lemonade4








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I'm a sleep deprived antique dealer with fibromyalgia, RA, diabetes & more. Love hubby, cats, books & humor! Avid tea drinker. Poker player. Pain fighter.
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