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Why I Am The Way I Am…

I will not be made to feel small by the judgements of other people. There are reasons I am the way I am. If that doesn’t measure up to the high standards you’ve set for me then I apologize. I … Continue reading

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Never Grow Up….

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Blessed Are The Writers….

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Temperature’s Dropping Again…

And here we go again, folks. That predictable unpredictable-ness of January in the midwest. Once again we are experiencing a drastic temperature drop here in Illinois, from near 50 degrees yesterday to a bone chilling low of 22 degrees tonight, … Continue reading

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Bringing Things Up To Date….

In another attempt, once again, to jump start my writing….I am coming to WordPress with some random stuff from the past weeks, to bring things up to speed with where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. I want … Continue reading

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Picture This…..

Okay, picture this.  It’s minus 2 degrees right now outside, yes that’s right….2 below zero. And I have had three lovely hot flashes tonight so far.  Sitting here with my top thrown off, sweating (!!!) like I just ran a … Continue reading

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Shell of Me….

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t even recognize my reflection. After all these years, all these agonies, all the head trips, all the experiences….good and bad….I can’t believe that the young, resilient Julie has turned … Continue reading

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