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Why I Am The Way I Am…

I will not be made to feel small by the judgements of other people. There are reasons I am the way I am. If that doesn’t measure up to the high standards you’ve set for me then I apologize. I … Continue reading

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Stay Weird…

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All The Ingredients Are Necessary…

So many of us use too many lemons in our lemonade…so many, that our lemonade really sucks. Most of us have just accumulated so many lemons over time, that before we know it, our lemonade is sour and well, it … Continue reading

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Blessed Are The Writers….

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Find The Good Things….

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Be Courageous…..

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Don’t Wanna Be Ugly…..

My sweet man I see you and I realize how lucky I am that you come home to me every night even when my attitude and my moods and the words I say come out harshly and grouchy. When you … Continue reading

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