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The Erosion of a Life and a Mind ~ Part Four

ero·sion noun \i-ˈrō-zhən\ : the gradual destruction of something by natural forces (such as water, wind, or ice) : the process by which something is eroded or worn away. Related Words breakdown, decay, decomposition, disintegration, dissolution Once I became a … Continue reading

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The Shame of Chronic Illness

Originally posted on EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info:
The Shame of Chronic Illness When I recently read the phrase, “I’m embarrassed to be sick”, it made my stomach clench and my breath catch. That’s exactly what I’ve been…

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Careless Words, Hurt Feelings, & Forgiveness

Well, hubby is off work this week for vacation, so we went to the antique mall where I have a booth. We had planned to do some work in the booth but got there a little late for that, because … Continue reading

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